VKS1206-V18 - Verkefnastjórnun


This course is a mixture of theoretical coverage and practical approach.  The literature is; the course textbook, but magazines, articles and other interesting extra-material.  An attempt will also be made to link interesting companies, who practice project management to the course, by inviting guest speakers.

Four main focus points are to be fond in this course.  In broad terms, these are: 

The basic methods of Project Management:

  • A brief review on the history of Project Management and how it became an independent academic field.  The terms of basic project management will be discussed as well as: the process of defining a project scope, the WBS, combination of work processes, making of Gantt charts, cost analysis, how cost is identified and calculated, how cost- and time plans are made etc.  At last, this part of the course focuses on process evaluation, reporting and final closing of projects.

The Project Manager:

  • The Project Manager must be able to lead a group to success.  This part of the course focuses on management- and leadership role of the Project Manager. Meetings are a big part of Project Management and the course focuses on how one can maximize productivity in meetings and group work, by focusing on the main points of emphasis.

The environment of Project Management:

  • By increasing use of Project Management, the need for a closed connection to the organization and infrastructure of the company.  The course will focus on the wide scope of Project Management, where and how it can help.  Examples from different industries and companies will be taken.


  • Software is of great importance in Project Management.  Students will get inside to the main software used in Project Management today.