HAG0276-H18 - Þróunarhagfræði

Course Objective

This course introduces students to some of the major issues and challenges of economic development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, regions within the Arctic, as well as countries in transition.  We start out by studying the nature and meaning of development and underdevelopment followed by an overview of theoretical models of development, and an examination of major development problems and policies. Our discussion and analysis will center around a number of major themes which will include, but not be restricted to: the Meaning of Development, Theories of Development and Underdevelopment, Causes and Consequences of Population Growth, Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration, Poverty and Development, Education and Health, Gender Issues in Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, the Environment and Economic Development, International Trade and the Contribution of Exports to Economic Development. The course will make reference to economic development in the Arctic where relevant.  Case studies will be highlighted in lectures and as part of class discussions.