Ítalska I


The course deals primarily with the basic linguistic skills required in daily life circumstances (e.g. family life, travel, work) and such that the students may be able to cope successfully on a trip to Italy or having basic conversations. Understanding uncomplicated spoken and written Italian and being understood when speaking Italian describe the fundamental aims of the course, which will therefore focus upon listening & comprehension exercises, simple dialogues to acquire an acceptable pronunciation, and plain written texts to be read in class by the students. In the process, basic phonetic and grammatical notions will be introduced, as well as significant aspects of Italian culture. Particular attention will be paid to the students’ own interests.
The course is fully taught in English, but designed for both Icelandic- and English-speaking students.


“Domani 1”: the book can be purchased as Ebook (recommended) or as regular book at https://www.almaedizioni.it/en/catalogue/ebooks/. In order to buy the book, you need to register to the website(website is in English). If you experience any issue with the purchase of the book, please contact fedscarpa@gmail.com


(Optional, for Icelandic students): Ítalska fyrir alla (Kostar 3.890 kr. hjá Bóksölu stúdenta boksala@boksala.is.)


Students are strongly recommended to come to class with a good dictionary and a verb conjugation book.


Additional resources: Both Akureyri Town Library and the University Library offer Italian textbooks, literature, films and dictionaries


Main instructor:

Federica Scarpa, graduated with honours in Italian Letters and Philosophy at Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, with special focus on Cultural/Social Anthropology and Ethno-linguistics. MA in Polar Law (2013) from University of Akueryri.



Attendance and participation in class (20%), homework (50%), exam (30%). Long Distance students' participation is evaluated based on Panopto statistics 

Students who do not attend the course for credits may complete it and receive an attendance certificate without taking any examination.