WiFi - Eduroam

Vefur: Moodlekerfi Háskólans á Akureyri
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Bók: WiFi - Eduroam
Printed by: Gestanotandi
Date: Tuesday, 7. April 2020, 5:37 PM

1. About eduroam

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Having started in Europe, eduroam has gained momentum throughout the research and education community and is now available in 76 territories.

eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.

1.1. How do I connect to eduroam?

In order to connect to eduroam you need to have your device search for a wireless connection and then select eduroam from that result. When your device asks for authentication you need to use your UNAK email and the password you were provided.

We use the same username and password for all systems.

Username: youruniversityemail@unak.is
Lykilorð: same as for all other systems