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VPN Setup

Site: Moodlekerfi Háskólans á Akureyri
Course: Upplýsingasíða nemenda
Book: VPN Setup
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Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 12:50 PM

1. Introduction

In order to connect to the electronic databases and online journals, when you are outside the university network, you will have to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. Here are instruction on how to set up VPN on your computer.

2. Cisco Anyconnect

In order to connect to the University VPN server you will have to:

Open a browser and go this address

Log in with your full UNAK e-mail address and then enter you password and press the Login button.

Wait until you get this Manual Installation window and then press Windows Desktop, or Mac, to download the setup file.

Run the setup file you just downloaded and follow the following steps.

Now you have finished setting up the Cisco Anyconnect VPN client. Next step is to run the client.

This window will appear when you run the client.
Here you input in the field and then click Connect.

Make sure the Group is Nemendur, then input you username (your full UNAK email), then you password and then click the OK button.

You are connected when the green check symbol appears on the picture, as shown below.

In the bottom right hand corner you will see the Cisico Icon  and if you right click that you will the Connect or Disconnect options.