Office 365

2. Office Suite

2.1. Office on a PC

You will have to set up the Office suite in order to use Word, Excel, Powerpopint or any other software in the suite.

First step is to log into the Office 365 portal, if you're not sure how then you need to start here.

When you have logged in click the Office365 logo/icon at the top left of the navbar, then you will see the main page. On this page you will see the orange install button, but before clicking it you might want to uncheck the boxes above the button. When you are ready, click the Install Now button and the browser will download the setup file.

Those of you that use Internet Explorer will get this download prompt at the bottom of the window. The quickest way is just press Run and then the file will run as soon as the browser finishes the download.

Now you will see the setup window from Microsoft. These windows are in essence just for minor settings and introduction. In the screenshot below you will see in the bottom right hand corner a small status windows that indicates how the setup is going and that you need to be connected to the internet for it to work. While this setup is running you just need to go through a few settings windows. Start by clicking Next.

The next window is just the license agreement, which you are free to read if you really want to, so we click Accept and move on.

The next window is just a small introduction for the Office 365 Suite and you can watch it if you want, if you want to skip it just click Next.

The next window is yet another introduction window, this time for OneDrive, but this time you have to click Learn More if you want more information but as per usual we just click Next to keep going.

Now we are at the settings window where we can choose a basic look for the Office suite. There are a few different items in the selection so try them and see what you want. When you are happy with your selection click Next.

Now we're almost done. This window allows you to choose if you want to view more introduction about the Office Suite, mainly what's new. If you don't want to look at that just click the text below the big "Take a look" button and says "No, thanks"

The final windows is just an information window that tells you that everything is good to go. Just click All done and you will get a prompt that tells you when the Office suite is ready for use.