Office 365

3. Outlook/E-mail

3.2. Email on Outlook

Some might want to use the Outlook software for their university e-mail. This is not that complicated so let's go through it together. At the bottom there is an instructional video on how to set it up on a Mac.

We begin by starting Outlook for the first time. First you will get this option window, as seen below. This is just some basic information so just click the Next button.

The next option window asks if you want to connect to an email account, and that's what we want to do, so we click yes and then the Next button.

Now we have the window where we add all information needed. Just insert the appropriate information in each window an then click the Next button.

Finally we get a window which shows us the progress of the setup. If all is good this will just go through and you can just hit Finish when you get the green check mark accross the board. If you get a red X anywhere, most often on the last part, then something has gone wrong. Start by going back and typing in your password again. Make sure your user and password are correct by login in on the webmail.

When you click the Finish button then you have your university email in Outlook and it starts to sync you email.