3. How courses are structured.

Every course should be built in a certain way in order to make it easier for users to use moodle. We ask that user be on the lookout and let us know if any courses are not using the simple guidelines that we have set up.

  1. Umsjón (e. Management) - In this block you should find information on the staff member that is responsible for the course.
    Panopto - In this block you will find all recordings made for this course. If the seminar is being webcast live, the link will appear in this block also.
  2. Activities - A simple tool to filter by activities. This will give you a different view of the course and make it easier to find a specific activity.
  3. Fréttir af uglu - An RSS newsfeed from the Owl information and registration system.
  4. Information about the course - This is where you will find most information about the course.  These pages will show you information like the syllabus, introduce the teachers and information about the teaching material.
  5. Forums - These are the two main forums. One is used for announcements from the teacher and the other is usually used to post topics about the course or for students to get to know one another.
  6. Name of the course
  7. Breadcrumbs - Shortcuts for course navigation.
  8. Languages - Drop down menu that lists the languages you can use in moodle
  9. My Courses - Drop down meny that shows all of the courses you are enlisted in.